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Call for Proposals to Host Future WPA Conferences

WPA Conference Siting CFP

Grand Rapids, Anchorage, Chattanooga… the WPA gets around. Each year, the WPA Summer Conference and Workshop is sponsored by one or more institutions and hosted by local WPAs, members of the Executive Board, and the WPA at large. And now it's time for us to look for sites for WPA 2008, 2009, and 2010. This is a terrific opportunity to get/stay active in WPA, to build working relationships with WPAs in your area, to showcase your academic institution, and to enjoy the conference in your own back yard (so to speak).

2006 WPA Conf -- Travel to and around Chattanooga

By Air

The Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport ( is served by five major airlines or their subsidiaries:

Delta, Northwest, US Air, American, and Continental. Direct flights are available between Chattanooga and the following eight cities:

  • Atlanta (via Delta)
  • Cincinnati (via Delta)
  • Charlotte, NC (via US Air)
  • Washington DC (via US Air)
  • Chicago (via American Eagle)
  • Dallas/Ft. Worth (via American Eagle)
  • Memphis (via Northwest)
  • Houston (via Continental)

The Choo Choo Hotel and Convention Center operates a complimentary shuttle between the Chattanooga airport and the hotel. Airports in nearby Atlanta or Nashville offer even more options for getting to the area, particularly if you are looking to fly one of the discount airlines such as Southwest or AirTran. Shuttle service is available between these airports and Chattanooga via Chattanooga Coach ( or Groome Transportation (

By Car

Chattanooga sits at the intersection of Interstates 24 and 75 near the Alabama-Georgia border. Participants arriving by car enjoy free parking at the Choo Choo Hotel and Convention Center. By Train Ironically, no passenger train service is available to Chattanooga. But while you're here check out the Incline Railway "the steepest passenger railway in the world" to the top of Lookout Mountain.

Getting Around Chattanooga

A free electric shuttle travels throughout downtown Chattanooga from 6:00 am until 7:30 pm on weekdays and 9:00 am until 7:30 pm on weekends. The Choo Choo sits at the southern end of the shuttle route, and the Tennessee Riverfront area marks the route's northernmost point (a 1.2 mile span of shops, restaurants, office buildings, and parks). CARTA buses (Chattanooga's public transportation system) have routes throughout Chattanooga, including one that passes in front of the Choo Choo and stops at the Incline Railway station at the base of Lookout Mountain (2.5 miles from the Choo Choo). For more ambitious trips or late night outings, taxi service is also available. If you want to explore more of Chattanooga on your own, particularly attractions beyond the city limits, renting a car may be the best option. Your conference information packet will include detailed information about traveling in and around Chattanooga.

Promotion Issues and Appropriate Degrees

This is a request for information regarding the issue of promotion and appropriate degrees. Although the policy may vary by institution, I am wondering if other institutions have promoted (as in rank) people who direct a writing program who do not have English degrees but have appropriate related degrees. In our case at La Sierra University (small, comprehensive Christian institution in CA), we have a person directing our Basic English, particularly writing, program who has been told she cannot be promoted beyond the rank of instructor since she holds 1) only an MA, and 2) her MA is an MA in Education (from Claremont)and not in English.

CFP Advance(d) Composition: Undergraduate Majors and the Future of the Discipline

Call for Proposals—Edited Collection
Advance(d) Composition:
Undergraduate Majors and the Future of the Discipline

Greg Giberson, Ph.D., Salisbury University
Tom Moriarty, Ph.D., Salisbury University

Recently, undergraduate majors in Rhetoric and Composition have begun to spring up around the country. These programs go by many names and take on many forms. There is little doubt that the continuing growth of undergraduate degrees in Rhetoric and Composition will have a significant impact on the future of R/C as a discipline. The primary goal of this edited collection is to investigate the development of undergraduate majors in Rhetoric and Composition (by whatever name(s) it happens to be assigned) and the various impacts those majors will have on the future of the discipline. Possible topics for discussion include:


Appropriate degrees for renwable lecturers

Our department is in the process of moving to renewable terms for lecturers in our writing program, and the question has come up as to what consitutes appropriate degrees for the faculty in renewable terms. Currently we have primarily PhDs and MFAs as lecturers with a few MAs in English. The administration wants to implement policies that are consistent across the departments and one of their questions concerns what degrees for renewablelecturers are in line with best practices. The standard for continuing positions at our school has been a terminal degree but if many schools have renewable terms for lecturers who hold MAs, it would be helpful to know that.

CFP: Exploring Diversity in Community-Based Writing and Literacy Programs

Reflections invites submissions of previously unpublished manuscripts exploring diversity in community-based writing and literacy programs that engage traditionally marginalized populations. Possible topics may include, but are not limited to:

• In what ways can critical theories of race, gender, and/or language inform service-learning scholarship?


Subscribing to the NMA listserv

The WPA Network for Media Action (WPA-NMA) is WPA's effort to change conversations about and representations of writers and writing in mainstream media. Join the listserv to exchange information, responses, and strategies. To subscribe, go to:

Check out the NMA link in Digital WPA ( for position statements and tips for writing to mainstream media, as well!