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CFP and Invitation: WAC 2006

Please distribute to colleagues across the curriculum, and y'all come to South Carolina in the spring!

Eighth International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference
May 18-20, 2006
The Conference Center & Inn at Clemson University
Clemson, South Carolina

Proposal Deadline: September 26, 2005.

We are delighted to announce the Eighth International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference. We encourage proposals from all disciplines and from cross-disciplinary teams on a wide range of topics of interest to faculty, graduate students, and administrators at two- and four-year colleges. These topics include:

Summer 2005 WPA Newsletter now available online

The Summer 2005 issue of the Newsletter of the Council of Writing Program Administrators is now posted on Digital WPA at this address:

Contents include letters from the Outgoing President and the Incoming president, reports from the Summer 2005 WPA Workshop and Conference in Alaska and plans for the 2006 conference in Chattanooga, information about the Network for Media Action, and announcements about other activities of the organization.

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Summer 2005 Newsletter of the Council of Writing Program Administrators

From the Outgoing President Chris Anson

As the Executive Board makes its transition in membership this month, I want to take this opportunity to say how much it has meant to me to lead this remarkable organization over the past two years.

As you'll see in this newsletter, the Council's work continues to expand, both in the number of its programs and services and in its reach. This year we moved from a mainly paper and snail-mail based organization to one that is fully digitized. Our Web site is now highly interactive, and as Dave Blakesley, its architect, is fond of pointing out, its potential is almost limitless. The new capacities the WPA portal has yielded now allow us to provide more convenient membership services, such as electronic membership renewals, links to all aspects of the organization, and opportunities for membership interaction. A newly constituted Membership Committee will be studying possibilities for enhanced benefits, especially those that can be provided online. Dave's work electronically archiving past issues of the WPA Journal makes a significant scholarly resource available to WPAs and others with a few keystrokes.

WPA Plenary Discussion

At the July 2005 WPA Conference, participants heard compelling Plenary addresses by Malea Powell and Paul Prior. We invite participants to share thoughts about the addresses and/or the discussions that followed in breakout groups. We also invite discussions and queries from other WPA members on the topics raised in these addresses.

WPA in Anchorage

I'm here in Anchorage at the opening reception for the WPA 2005 Conference. Chris Anson and Shirley Rose have just delivered their welcoming remarks. Chris is the outgoing president, and Shirley is our new president. Both have worked really hard to make this conference a reality. Jeff White and Trish Jenkins, our local hosts, have done a marvelous job as well. Jeff is talking to us right now about catching shuttles and the "sweltering heat."

The weather outside is beautiful, about 70 degrees and no rain clouds in sight.

It's going to be a great conference!

"My Blog" at Digital WPA

Just in time for WPA 2005 in Anchorage! WPA Members can now post messages to a personal blog space at the Digital WPA site. You can use this space to "blog a conference" or just about anything else. Readers will be able to read and respond to your blog content. You can also include rich HTML content (if you choose) or just type away and let Drupal do some of the formatting work for you.

Susan Kay Miller Elected to WPA Executive Board

The CWPA Nominating Committee is pleased to announce the election of Susan Kay Miller from Mesa Community College (AZ) to membership on the CWPA Executive Board. Susan will be serving in the position left open by Cynthia Martin's resignation. Her term will end June 30, 2007.

Professor Miller is a full-time faculty member in the English department at Mesa Community College in Mesa, Arizona, where she teaches writing, linguistics, and English as a second language. She is especially interested in two-year college writing programs, second language writers, and effective ways of incorporating technology into writing instruction. She currently serves as the chair of the Composition Committee in her English department, a group which recently led a successful three-year effort to revise the previous, current-traditional first-year composition curriculum with a rhetorically-based approach inspired by the WPA Outcomes Statement. The new curriculum was adopted throughout the Maricopa Community College District in April 2005 and will affect over 80,000 students district-wide. The success of this effort has encouraged the Composition Committee to lobby for a permanent WPA at Mesa Community College, a position which has never existed in any of the English departments in the district.

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