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The ACE Journal
Abstracts from the Assembly on Computers in English's print journal.

Across the Disciplines
Lots of resources, including journals and books. The primary emphasis is writing across the curriculum. Academic.Writing and Language and Learning Across the Disciplines merged in 2004 to create this journal. " Across the Disciplines provides CAC researchers, program designers, and teachers interested in using communication assignments and activities in their courses with a venue for scholarly debate about issues of disciplinarity and writing across the curriculum." 2.13.06

Assessing Writing
Welcomes submissions that address writing assessment issues from diverse perspectives: classroom research, institutional, professional, and administrative.*

Basic Writing e- journal
An electronic peer-reviewed journal designed to be an electronic forum to broaden conversations about Basic Writing.*

Business and Professional Communication Quarterly
Devoted solely to the teaching of communication in the workplace. BPCQ publishes scholarship that advances knowledge about business communication pedagogy in both academic and workplace settings. Articles in BPCQ present a variety of theoretical, applied, and practical approaches and perspectives, including program design and assessment, the impact of technology, global and multicultural issues, qualitative and quantitative research on classroom teaching, and case studies of best practices.

CCC Online
College Composition and Communication website. CCC Online has begun archiving abstracts of the major articles and features published in the print edition of CCC, beginning with Volume 49. Full-text versions of editorials, news, and Interchanges/Letters will be provided as well.*

College English
Full text of selected articles and reviews available online. TOCs of print issues.*

Community Literacy Journal
The Community Literacy Journal publishes both scholarly work that contributes to the field’s emerging methodologies and work by literacy workers, practitioners, and community literacy program staff. We are especially committed to presenting work done in collaboration between academics and community members.

Composition Forum
Composition Forum is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal of pedagogical theory in rhetoric and composition.

Composition Studies
TOCs only for current issues. Abstracts on all articles for back issues.*

Computers and Composition: An International Journal
A refereed professional print journal devoted to exploring the use of computers in composition classes, programs, and scholarly projects. It provides teachers and scholars a forum for discussing issues connected to computer use.

Computers and Composition Online
A refereed online journal for scholar-teachers interested in the impact of new and emerging media upon the teaching of language and literacy in both virtual and face-to-face forums.

Currents in Electronic Literacy
Addresses the use of electronic texts and technologies in reading, writing, teaching, and learning in literature, rhetoric and composition, languages, communications, media studies, and education.*

A Journal of Rhetoric, Writing, and Culture.*

://English Matters
Invites teachers and students of English who are questioning and creating new texts and pedagogies on the web to submit essays, exhibits, and performances.

Harlot: A Revealing Look at the Arts of Persuasion
A digital magazine and web forum dedicated to exploring rhetoric in everyday life. As the name suggests, Harlot is not another academic journal, nor is it a pop culture magazine. It's a combination of both and neither, and its goal is to provoke real conversations in the public sphere about how communication shapes our world -- from topics on reality television to public monuments to religion to pop music, and so on.

International Journal of Business Communication
Publishes manuscripts that contribute to knowledge and theory of business communication as a distinct, multifaceted field approached through the administrative disciplines, the liberal arts, and the social sciences. Accordingly, IJBC seeks manuscripts that address all areas of business communication including but not limited to business composition/technical writing, information systems, international business communication, management communication, and organizational and corporate communication. In addition, IJBC welcomes submissions concerning the role of written, verbal, nonverbal and electronic communication in the creation, maintenance, and performance of profit and not for profit business.

Inventio: "creative thinking about learning and teaching"
Features peer-reviewed articles on instructional research, instructional philosophy, pedagogy, learning theory, and other significant issues related to excellence in learning and teaching.

J.A.C.: A Journal of Composition Theory (Formerly Journal of Advanced Composition)
Annotated online articles. "Respond to" archives. Authors' responses to reviewers. Abstracts of print articles.*

Journal of Basic Writing
JBW is a juried journal that publishes essays about the theory and practice of teaching basic writing, first-year composition and, when related to issues involving basic writers, the teaching of English to speakers of other languages. The editors encourage research-based analyses of claims of successes, as well as rigorously, tightly argued discussions about non-traditional students as unique learners, relations between writing and reading processes, the training of MA and PhD candidates to teach basic writing, and descriptions of innovative basic writing programs with data to support claims of success.

Journal of Second Language Writing
A refereed journal appearing four times a year, features theoretically grounded reports of research and discussion of central issues in second language and foreign language writing and writing instruction. TOCs and abstracts online.*

Journal of Teaching Writing
A journal devoted to the teaching of composition and the language arts.*

Journal of Writing Assessment
Provides a peer-reviewed forum for the publication of manuscripts from a variety of disciplines and perspectives that address topics in writing assessment. Submissions may investigate such assessment-related topics as grading and response, program assessment, historical perspectives on assessment, assessment theory, and educational measurement as well as other relevant topics.

Journal of Writing Assessment Reading List
Provides focused reviews of publications important to writing assessment and contextualizes their relevance to writing assessment practitioners. 

Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy
Kairos is a refereed online journal exploring the intersections of rhetoric, technology, and pedagogy. Each issue presents varied perspectives on special topics, such as "Critical Issues in Computers and Writing," "Technology and the Face of Language Arts in the K-12 Classroom," and "Hypertext Fiction/Hypertext Poetry."

KB Journal
The journal of the Kenneth Burke Society. Publishes open-access, Creative Commons licensed articles, reviews, and bibliographical projects.

Literacy in Composition Studies
Literacy in Composition Studies is a refereed open access online journal that sponsors scholarly activity at the nexus of Literacy and Composition Studies. 

Pedagogy: Critical Approaches to Teaching Literature, Language, Composition, and Culture
An innovative journal that aims to build and sustain a vibrant discourse around teaching in English studies. In spite of the large role that teaching plays in the lives of most English studies scholars, no other mainstream journal in English devotes itself exclusively to pedagogical issues spanning the entire discipline. By contrast, Pedagogy covers all areas of English studies from literature and literary criticism to composition to cultural studies. It seeks to reverse the long history of the marginalization of teaching and of the scholarship produced around it. Fusing theoretical approaches and practical realities, Pedagogy is an essential resource for teachers.

Philosophy and Rhetoric
Publishes articles on theoretical issues involving the relationship between philosophy and rhetoric. Sample past texts available online.

Present Tense: A Journal of Rhetoric in Society is a peer-reviewed, blind-refereed, online journal dedicated to exploring contemporary social, cultural, political and economic issues through a rhetorical lens. In addition to examining these subjects as found in written, oral, and visual texts, the journal provides a forum for calls to action in academia, education, and national policy. Seeking to address current or presently unfolding issues, Present Tense publishes short articles of no more than 2,000 words, the length of a conference paper.

All things PreText.*

PreText: Electra (Lite)
The e-journal.*

Programmatic Perspectives
Journal of the Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication (CPTSC). See the blog also.

Readerly/Writerly Texts
Essays on Literature, Literary/Textual Criticism, and Pedagogy. The journal publishes essays on critical theory, literary and textual criticism, editorial theory and practices, the interrelations between literature and the social sciences, rhetoric and composition, and related pedagogies. Some online issues. TOCs for print issues.*

A peer-reviewed journal that provides a forum for scholarship on community-based work in college writing courses and related issues. Some materials online.*

Research in the Teaching of English
A broad-based, multidisciplinary journal composed of original research articles and short scholarly essays on a wide range of topics significant to those concerned with the teaching and learning of languages and literacies around the world, both in and beyond schools and universities.

A cyberjournal for rhetoric and writing.

Rhetoric Review
Browse TOCs from past issues. Now an Erlbaum journal so look for a new site soon.*

Published for the International Society for the History of Rhetoric, Rhetorica's articles, book reviews and bibliographies examine the theory and practice of rhetoric in all periods and languages and their relationship with poetics, philosophy, religion and law.

Rhetoric Society Quarterly
Abstracts online.*

Teaching English in the Two-Year College
Scholarly journal specifically directed to those who teach English in two-year colleges or in the first two years at four-year colleges and universities. TOCs for print journal. Some editorials, letters, and news reports are posted full text.

Technical Communication Quarterly
A journal devoted to the teaching, study, and practice of technical writing in academic, scientific, technical, governmental, and business/industrial fields. (Erlbaum)

A journal for cultural studies of technology. The Letter from the Editors is available now.

Writing Center Journal
The Writing Center Journal is the primary and official research journal of the International Writing Centers Association (an NCTE Assembly). Note from the WCJ editors: We are committed to publishing strong empirical research and theoretical scholarship relevant to writing centers. In addition, we seek to build a stronger research community for writing centers. To that end, we are committed to three key practices. We will:

  1. Provide meaningful feedback on all manuscripts, including those we choose to reject.
  2. Make ourselves available and accessible through retreats, workshops, and other engagements at regional and international writing center conferences.
  3. Coordinate online professional development events related to The Writing Center Journal and our research community.

Writing on the Edge
An interdisciplinary journal focusing on writing and the teaching of writing aimed primarily at college-level composition teachers and others interested in writing and writing instruction. TOCs online.*

The Writing Instructor
A Digital Community and Networked, Refereed Journal.*

Writing Lab Newsletter
A forum for exchanging ideas and information about writing centers in colleges, universities, and high schools. Articles focus on challenges in directing a writing center, training tutors, adding computers, designing and expanding centers, and using tutorial theory and pedagogy.*

WPA: Writing Program Administration
WPA publishes articles and essays concerning the organization, administration, practices, and aims of college and university writing programs.*

Written Communication
Provides a forum for the free exchange of ideas, theoretical viewpoints and methodological approaches that better define and further develop thought and practice in the exciting study of the written word. (Sage)

Other Sites of Interest

NCTE Assemblies
The NCTE Assemblies have evolved out of groups with similar interests wishing to affiliate in some way within the structure of the National Council of Teachers of English. Each of these assemblies has been authorized by the NCTE Executive Committee to serve the interests and purposes of persons who share special interests or who have jobs alike. Each offers a forum for discussing common interests through workshops, sessions, or exhibit booths at NCTE conventions, through newsletters and/or journals.

Council of Editors of Learned Journals (CELJ)
An organization of editors of learned journals devoted primarily but not exclusively to the study of language and literature and related humanistic disciplines.

Journal of Electronic Publishing
A REALLY interesting ejournal on publishing ejournals.

An electronic journal concerned with the implications of electronic networks and texts.

"Redefining Access to Scholarly Literature."

Project Muse
Project Muse provides online, worldwide, institutional subscription access to the full text of over 100 scholarly journals.

* Indicates that editors of this journal are members of the Editors Group, an informal consortium of journal editors in Rhetoric and Composition.