WPA 25.3 (Spring 2002)

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A Letter from the Editors
Marguerite Helmers, Dennis Lynch, and David Blakesley

Blakesley, David. "Directed Self-Placement in the University." WPA: Writing Program Administration 25.3 (2002): 9-39.

Nicolay, Theresa Freda. "Placement and Instruction in Context: Situating Writing Within a First-Year Program." WPA: Writing Program Administration 25.3 (2002): 41-59.

Grabill, Jeffrey T.; Lynée Lewis Gaillet. "Writing Program Design in the Metropolitan University: Toward Constructing Community Partnerships." WPA: Writing Program Administration 25.3 (2002): 61-78.

Mirtz, Ruth; Keith Rhodes, Susan Taylor,and Kim van Alkemade. "The Power of "De-positioning": Narrative Strategies in Stories of Stopping." WPA: Writing Program Administration 25.3 (2002): 79-96.

Stevens, Scott. "Review Essay. Starting over with Basic Writing." WPA: Writing Program Administration 25.3 (2002): 97-104.


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