WPA 33.3 (Spring 2010)

Contents of WPA: Writing Program Administration 33.3 (Spring 2010)

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Letter from the Editors

On Custom: Revisiting the Relationship between Publishers and WPAs
Barclay Barrios

First Steps Beyond First Year: Coaching Transfer After FYC
Dan Fraizer

You Are What You Sell: Branding the Way to Composition's Better Future
Keith Rhodes

First-Year College Writing and the AP English Language Exam: How a High School/College Partnership Affected Exam Performance
James Warren

Hieroglyphic World: A Review of Five Background Readers for Novice Writing Teachers
Richard Haswell


The Scholarship of Plagiarism: Where We've Been, Where We Are, What's Needed Next
Rebecca Moore Howard and Missy Watson

WPAs Respond to "A Symposium on Diversity and the Intellectual Work of WPAs"

  • Who Are We? What Do We Want to Become? A Response to Jonathan Alexander
    Jacqueline Rhodes
  • (Un)Standard Deviations: Observing Diversity / Enabling Divergence
    Mark McBeth
  • Engaging with Assessment Technologies: Responding to Valuing Diversity as a WPA
    Asao B. Inoue
  • The Woman Question in WPA Work
    Melissa Nicolas



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