WPA 37.2 (Spring 2014)

Contents of WPA: Writing Program Administration 37.2 (Spring 2014)

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From the Editors

From the New Editors: Dear WPA Readers

Strengthening Graduate Student Preparation for WPA Work
Cristyn L. Elder, Megan Schoen, and Ryan Skinnell

A Bird's Eye View of Writing Centers: Institutional Infrastructure, Scope and Programmatic Issues, Reported Practices
Emily Isaacs and Melinda Knight

Writing Program Assessment and the Mission-Driven Institution
Kristine Johnson

To See What's Real and Sell It: The New Rhetoric, Writing in the Disciplines, and Value Judgments
Don J. Kraemer

Feminism, Mindfulness and the Small University jWPA
Christy Wenger

Flat and Fertile: A Conversation About the Writing Program at Illinois State University
Shirley K Rose and Joyce Walker

Review Essays

"All Things to All People": The Expanding Role of Writing Centers
Rebecca Lorimer Leonard and David Stock

  • Babcock, Rebecca Day, and Terese Thonus. Researching the Writing Center: Towards an Evidence-Based Practice
  • Geller, Anne Ellen, and Michele Eodice, eds. Working with Faculty Writers
  • Grutsch McKinney, Jackie. Peripheral Visions for Writing Centers
  • Lee, Sohui, and Russell Carpenter, eds. The Routledge Reader on Writing Centers & New Media

CWPA Postion Statement on Pre-College Credit for Writing
Kristine Hansen, Jeffrey Andelora, Heidi Estrem, Clint Gardner, Joe Janangelo, and Susan Miller-Cochran


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