Every year since 2011, Shirley K Rose has worked to produce interviews with program administrators at sites near the annual conference of the Council of Writing Program Administrators. These "travelogues" provide the CWPA membership with an appreciation for the local context of the conference and provide a valuable snapshot of the WPA work occurring there. The following is an archive of these works from the pages of WPA: Writing Program Administration.

2018 Sacramento State University and University of San Fransisco. With Angela Clark-Oates and Catherine Gabor.
2017 University of Tennessee Knoxville. With Kirsten Benson.
2016 North Carolina State University and Elon University. With Jessie Moore and Chris Anson.
2015 Boise State University. With Heidi Estrem.
2014 Illinois State University. With Joyce Walker.
2013 Georgia Southern University. With Michael Pemberton and Janice Walker.
2012 University of New Mexico. With Chuck Paine. 
2011 Louisiana State University. With Irwin Peckham and James C. McDonald.