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Mission Statement 

WPA-GO (Writing Program Administrators--Graduate Organization) works with the CWPA (Council of Writing Program Administrators) to support WPA preparation for graduate students and strengthen connections between graduate students and professional WPAs by providing the following:

  • Awards, funding, and grants for conference travel and organizational service;
  • Mentoring with scholar-professionals across various institutions;
  • Networking with other graduate students across various institutions;
  • Professional development experience in organizational administration and service at the national level;
  • Resources for and opportunities to learn about anti-bias writing program administration and writing assessment;
  • Attention to writing instruction, assessment, and program administration using the lens of social justice, including (but not limited to) perspectives that address racial justice, feminist, queer, decolonial, and disability frameworks.

WPA-GO is committed to fostering an equitable community.

To learn more about who we are and what we do, please review our newly restructured bylaws (ratified 9.3.15) or check out our most recent newsletter (from CWPA in Sacramento). Both of these documents are found at the bottom of this page.

WPA-GO Position Statement on Anti-Racist Assessment 

Because we all live, work, and learn within racist systems, it is imperative that we use our positions of privilege as members of the academy to promote and undertake anti-racist work. WPA-GO acknowledges that an important part of doing anti-racist work is collaborating with fellow educators to become increasingly critical of unjust pedagogical practices and institutional structures that affect writing assessment and students’ learning. Thus, this statement aims to not only articulate the position of the WPA-GO, but also provide resources on anti-racist assessment and pedagogy. We offer this statement in solidarity and in conversation with the important anti-racist work that precedes it in composition studies and beyond. 

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WPA-GO Membership

WPA-GO invites you to join us! WPA-GO does not require additional fees, though members are encouraged to join CWPA (graduate student membership is $20/year, with all benefits of membership, including a subscription to WPA: Writing Program Administration). WPA-GO membership does not require additional fees. Anyone interested in furthering the professionalization and support of graduate students is welcome to join WPA-GO and are encouraged to participate.

To officially join WPA-GO and receive updates about relevant events, committees, and opportunities, simply fill out our membership form!

You may also stay updated or join our conversations by following WPA-GO on Twitter and Instagram (@WPA_GO) or liking the WPA-GO Facebook page.

CWPA Graduate Committee

WPA-GO is administered by the CWPA's Graduate Committee (GC) of officers elected by the graduate student body:

Faculty Mentor

The GC is supported by the following faculty mentor who is involved with WPA-GO initiatives:

Thank You to Our Sponsors (past and present)

 WPA-GO Newsletter CWPA 2018
 WPA-GO Bylaws