Wisdom from Past Presidents

Wisdom from Past Presidents features short videos from a number of CWPA's Past Presidents. These videos will be welcome to WPAs at any career stage.

Online Writing Instruction, presents a video put together by Drs. Jessie Borgman and Casey McArdle, the co-facilitators of our Summer 2020 workshop series on Online Writing Instruction. The video provides an overview of these workshops. We would also recommend you look at the companion website, OWI Community, and read their excellent book on the subject.

In 2020, Past Presidents of CWPA from 2000 on were asked to craft short videos featuring a few important tips for newer WPAs. That said, these are well worth watching for WPAs at ANY point on their career trajectory!

Dominic DelliCarpini (President 2017-2019)


Susan Miller-Cochran (President 2015-2017)


Duane Roen (President 2011-2013)


Linda Adler-Kassner (President 2009-2011)


Chris Anson (President 2003-2005)


Kathleen Blake Yancey (President 2001-2002)


Doug Hesse (President 1999-2000)

Online Writing Instruction

In response to the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic, many colleges and universities decided to move their writing classes online, generating a need for professional development in online writing instruction for WPAs and writing faculty . Drs. Jessie Borgman and Casey McArdle facilitated a series of online workshops for our community and compiled a video that hits the major points.