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WPA Directions - Issues for Action

We’ve just finished with the Town Hall meeting, where about 80 conference attendees participated in a fantastic, energizing discussion about WPA’s future directions and projects. I’ll write more about that in a post tomorrow. First, though I want to share some remarks I made before the meeting.

Registration form for WPA 2009 - send or bring to the conference

If you haven't yet registered for WPA 2009, complete this form and send it to Tim Gustafson (address below) or bring with you to the conference. Registration fees must now be paid by check. Thanks!

Tim Gustafson
Associate Director, First-Year Writing Program
Department of Writing Studies
University of Minnesota
150C Wesbrook Hall, Minneapolis, MN 55455
Phone: 612-625-0731 Fax: 612-624-3617

CFP: Feminism and Rhetorics '09

Feminisms and Rhetorics: Enabling Complexities: Communities/Writing/Rhetorics

Michigan State University / East Lansing, Michigan / October 7–9, 2009

The 2009 Feminism(s) and Rhetoric(s) conference will be sponsored by the Coalition of Women Scholars in the History of Rhetoric & Composition and hosted by the Rhetoric & Writing program at Michigan State University. We invite proposals that:

  • reflect the complexity and diversity of who “we” are as a scholarly community;
  • Keywords: 

    Assistant Professor, Computers and Writing, Eastern Michigan University

    Assistant Professor, Computers and Writing

    Tenure-track position in composition and rhetoric with an emphasis in
    computers and writing beginning in Fall 2009. We are seeking a
    colleague who values teaching, research, and service, and who is
    interested in joining a dynamic department which includes an active
    group of composition and rhetoric faculty in a nationally recognized
    writing program. Expertise in some combination of the following: new
    media writing, web 2.0 writing technologies, online and
    computer-mediated pedagogy, technical writing, digital rhetorics, and


    Call for Proposals - 2010 and 2011 Summer Conferences!

    The WPA Annual Conference in Your Backyard!

    The WPA Executive Board is soliciting proposals to host the WPA Summer Conference, Workshops, and Institutes in 2010 and 2011.

    As regular WPA attendees know, the WPA Summer Conference, Workshop and Institutes are sponsored by one or more institutions and hosted by local WPAs, members of the Executive Board, and the WPA at large. This is a terrific opportunity to be active in WPA, to build working relationships with WPAs in your area and to showcase your academic institution and home area.

    Call for Nominations - WPA Executive Board

    September 2007
    Call for Nominations for WPA Executive Board

    WPA will hold elections for three Executive Board members this fall.

    Executive Board members election:

    In July 2008 the WPA Executive Board will say goodbye to members Steve Wilhoit, Dominic Delli Carpini, and Carrie Leverenz. We invite nominations for three EB members to replace them.

    Asst. Professor of Composition/Rhetoric, Eastern Michigan University

    Tenure track position in composition and rhetoric starting Fall 2007. We are
    looking for a faculty member who values teaching, research, and service to
    join a dynamic department and an active group of composition/rhetoric
    faculty in a nationally recognized writing program. We seek expertise in
    some combination of the following: writing program administration, first
    year writing, and writing and technology. Responsibilities will include
    administration or co-administration of the First Year Writing Program (with
    commensurate reassigned time), and some teaching in FYC and/or upper-level
    or graduate courses in Written Communication. Teaching excellence, scholarly


    Subscribing to the NMA listserv

    The WPA Network for Media Action (WPA-NMA) is WPA's effort to change conversations about and representations of writers and writing in mainstream media. Join the listserv to exchange information, responses, and strategies. To subscribe, go to:

    Check out the NMA link in Digital WPA ( for position statements and tips for writing to mainstream media, as well!