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iTeach 101 - Video Memoir of a First Year Composition Teacher

It took me good five months to prepare this project and here it is, iTeach 101, delivered just for you! There is a very interesting story that follows the footage that you are about to see. I got a chance to teach a fantastic group of 101 students, and I decided to work on something simultaneously with them. Pestered with my nosy cameras, camcorders, old-school Polaroids, and shock-proof gizmos, my students bit into literacy like nobody's business.

WPA 2009 Photo Memoir

Why do we go to conferences?

People go to conferences to learn new ways of examining their academic passions, to share ideas, and to make connections with other professionals who study in their areas of expertise. While they are there among other scholars in this fertile, rich environment, they have the opportunity to explore new places as well as to see old ideas from fresh perspectives.

'I hate writing' - different takes on who likes what when it comes to writing

If you are interested in different approaches toward writing issues and want to see our Writing with New Media final project, you should watch 'I hate writing' video on Understanding I-HATE-WRITES can help with your every day writing isses that you may encounter. Feel free to use it in your classroom!