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Boards and Assessing Student Learning - More Info Needed - and Wanted!

A new study from the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges suggests that boards (of trustees, regents, and so on) not only need more information about assessment of student learning outcomes - they also want this information. For WPAs and writing instructors, the AGB study holds the potential to be really useful.

Back to School Agenda Items?

Moving into late Late August... and "back to school" is in the air. Along with preparations for fall classes, it's worth laying out a few happenings to which CWPA members and readers of this blog will likely want to pay careful attention to in the coming months. Read on!

WPA 2010 Program (pdf, draft) for your perusal!

Five days until WPA 2010 begins! If you're planning to attend (or still trying to decide if you will), a pdf of the conference program is attached to this message. You'll find fabulously interesting sessions included (see the previous post for more on this) and over 300 of our liveliest, most interesting, most engaging colleagues! It's going to be a great event... hope to see you there!


WPA 2010, Conversations Toward Action -- It's almost here!

WPA 2010 begins just about 10 days from now! If you’re joining over 325 of our fabulous, engaging, interesting, and lively colleagues in Philadelphia at the Society Hill Sheraton, you’re in for a fabulous conference.

“Linda,” you might ask, “what makes you say so?”

So glad you’ve asked!

WPA 2010 will be our largest conference ever, which means more of our fabulous colleagues in one location. In addition, you’ll find:


WPA 2010, Conversations Toward Action - Abstracts and Conversation Needed Now More than Ever!

WPA 2010 abstracts are now posted! Take a look at what's coming up in CWPA's largest conference ever! We're very excited about the variety of topics that will be included and the variety of people who will be presenting. Graduate students; 2- and 4-year instructors; people from writing centers; department chairs ... it's going to be a great event!

CWPA's Upcoming Conference (and the upcoming proposal deadline!)

The proposal deadline for the 2011 conference ( is coming up. If you're thinking about submitting something, now's the time! The 2011 conference is shaping up to be *fantastic*. Already accepted are a number of incredibly engaging, fun, and lively sessions We've got at least two sessions (and maybe three) that will involve creative work, from creating artifacts representing people on campus to writing creative (non)-fiction about instances we encounter in our work lives.

The CWPA Mentoring Project - A Portal for Conversation and More!

The WPA Mentoring Project, an exciting initiative guided by CWPA Past President and member Sheldon Walcher, has recently posted a report on the findings from the WPA Mentoring Survey. Inquisitive readers can find the full report at, but I want to feature some of the highlights of their exciting work.