2013 CWPA Conference in Savannah

Rita Malenczyk, CWPA Vice President and 2013 CWPA Conference chair, has released information about this year's conference. For details, please point your browser to this site [updated to Internet Archive version}:


You will find all sorts of details about the conference, including information about submitting proposals, registering for conference events, and reserving a hotel room.

I look forward to seeing everyone in Savannah in July.


As Co-Chair of the SIG for Retired and Retiring Faculty, I would like to propose that you establish a category of discounted conference and membership fees for retirees. Many find it as difficult to afford these as those entering the field. CCCC has done so for the conference, at least--not sure about membership. Some retirees are now adjuncts, but of course many aren't.


Louise Wetherbee Phelps