Hiring Composition Lecturers at California State University Channel Islands

Happy Summer!

We are conducting a search for new composition lecturers at California State University Channel Islands and would appreciate your help in spreading the word to qualified potential applicants. We are hoping for a rich and diverse pool of candidates. Strong applicants will be passionate for teaching a full slate of first year composition courses, particularly our Stretch Sequence, and enthusiastic for joining a highly collaborative and committed team of faculty.

Faculty in our program spend a great deal of time conferencing with students about their writing over the course of the semester. We then come together as a faculty team both midway and at the end of the semester to assess the work of one another’s students in holistic team scoring sessions. Our faculty work together to define standard and expectations for student writing and research, placing strong emphasis on revision and engagement with peers. Faculty work from common syllabi, give and receive feedback on each other’s writing prompts, visit one another’s classes, and engage with colleagues and students both inside and outside of the classroom. As a Hispanic Serving institution, we constantly seek new ways to motivate and retain our students as they transition from high school to college. These positions are very rewarding for faculty who energized by an innovative, interactive teaching and learning environment that breaks down the walls of the traditional classroom.

The posting can be found on the campus website: http://www.csuci.edu/hr/employment.htm. Select Faculty/Academic Employee Positions. The position can be found under programs (select English) or under Positions (select English Lecturer in Composition and Rhetoric). I will also post a PDF here. Review of applications will begin on 6/18/18.

Thank you in advance for sharing this!

Stacey Anderson

__   Stacey Stanfield Anderson, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of English Composition Director English Program CSU Channel Islands stacey.anderson@csuci.edu http://cicomposition.cikeys.com http://staceyanderson.cikeys.com Zoom Meeting Room: https://csuci.zoom.us/my/staceyanderson  
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