New @ CompPile

Exciting new features @ CompPile:

1--Follow the new link from the front page--"New / Recent Books"--leading to a list of new and recent scholarly books (listed by publisher or by author).

To see the possibilities, click on the first title in the Erlbaum list, Bazerman's _Handbook of writing research_. You'll see a link to the book's website, the publisher's brief description of the book, a "list" of current "CompReviews" for the book (1, for now), and a form that invites you to submit your own review, summary, synopsis, or commentary, about the book or about parts of it.

2--Reviews? Yes. For each new / recent book, you can submit a review and read reviews submitted by colleagues. You can access this review feature from CompPile's home page, too, following the "Reviews @ CompPile" link. The "Reviews" space is our response to the July conversation on WPA-L about reviews / reviewing.

We invite you to wander through the new spaces: offer suggestions, submit a CompReview. You can learn more about these two new features at the CompPile Blog ("What's New @ CompPile"), by following another new link from the CompPile home page.

3--Another new link? Yes, the home page has been revised. Thanks for noticing. In addition to a bit cleaner design, we've added the new links described above and the link to the blog, where we hope to provide regular updates on CompPile's growth.

As always, we welcome feedback. Volunteers, too. Plenty enough work for all of us.

Glenn / Rich