Creating Content at Digital WPA


Each week during the rollout of our new Digital WPA website, I want to make you aware of some ways that you can make use of the site to network with WPA members, create and manage content, and make use of the resources already available.

This week, I wanted to encourage you to read, review, and respond to a student-created documentation project that will show WPA members how to post content at the WPA site. A message inviting feedback has been posted to the site here:

The students would love to hear your feedback: suggestions for improving the documentation, praise, encouragement, or any other thoughts you might have. You can add your comments to this post or send feedback directly to the students. They've done a terrific job (and especially so, considering this is a first draft for public review). They have asked some good questions, also. The documentation itself is here:

This is also one example of how WPA members might use the WPA site to encourage creative uses of the system while also enhancing its resources. The students are in Charlie Lowe's technical writing course at Purdue.

WPA Web Developer

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