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Sign Up for Breakfast Buddies at CWPA 2015 in Boise!

WPA-GO and the CWPA Mentoring Project are excited to again sponsor a "Breakfast Buddy" Mentoring Event at this year's CWPA summer conference in Boise, Idaho! Graduate students, new faculty or staff, or first-time conference attendees who sign-up for this event will be matched with a mentor “breakfast buddy” from another institution.

Then paired buddies will meet and chat together during one of the WPA communal breakfasts on Friday, July 18, 2015—our way of encouraging light-hearted, cross-institutional mentoring.

WPA Mentoring Project Report

To: Our WPA Colleagues

From: Joe Janangelo, Duane Roen, and Sheldon Walcher

Subject: Preface and Executive Summary of The CWPA Mentoring Survey

Date: March 8, 2010


We are writing to thank everyone who took of The WPA Mentoring Survey and to share this summary of the report we presented to the CWPA Executive Committee. This report has 3 parts:

I. Introduction and Three Key Findings